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Where Motion Meets Progress


Don't remain in pain.

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Early intervention with a physical therapist can help manage pain, reduce inflammation, and promote proper healing.


When patients come first, healing is sure to follow

One-on-one sessions allow our therapists to consider your overall well-being and lifestyle factors, contributing to a more holistic approach to your care.


With personalized one-on-one treatments our highly trained physical therapist are able to closely monitor your progress, make real-time adjustments to your treatment plan, and address any concerns or questions you may have in our safe comfortable clinic.

What makes Velocity Physical Therapy different?

Knee cap with electrode stem patches on the knee. With hand touching the knee  cap.


We've got your back... or anywhere you need relief.

We accept most major commercial insurance including Medicare. 


Have questions regarding your insurance coverage? Our friendly team of experts will answer any questions you may have.

Have a question about coverage?

Our very friendly staff are here to support you.

We can help verify your coverage details and help you better understand any potential out-of-pocket costs before beginning physical therapy.


Xochiti D, 1 month Ago

"I hurt my knee. I was walking with crutches and feeling hopeless. I went to Velocity Physical Therapy and Disha was GREAT!!! She actually listened and showed me what exercises to do. I was compliant with her treatment and with hard work and effort she helped me get my range of motion back."

Why Patients Choose Us


Joseph R, 3 Weeks Ago

"I was having issues with my lower back. Disha had reviewed my MRI prior to my visit and took the time to talk to me when I first showed up for my session. Disha tailored my exercises based our discussion and of course, the MRI. She explained everything as we progressed and always circled back to ensure that I was not in pain."


Cathy L, 5 Months Ago

"My experience here has been great and would definitely recommend Velocity Physical Therapy. Disha answers all my questions and clearly communicates the treatment plan. I’ve shown significant improvement thanks to her."

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