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Upper body exercises

Do it at Home         


Your Physical Therapy doesn't need to stop once you leave the clinic.

Here are few simple exercise that you can incorporate into your own workout to improve muscle strength and reduce pain. 

Tennis Elbow Exercises

Tennis elbow is inflammation in the extensor tendons of the wrist. It caused by repetitive wrist movements. The pain is typically felt on the outer aspect of elbow. Here are some exercises that you can do at home to relive Tennis Elbow pain.

Neck Pain Relief

Long stretches of staring at a screen be at work or on your phone can cause tightness and pain in your neck area. Here are few simple exercises to help relieve tension in your neck.

Exercises for Desk Job

Most of our job involves sitting long hours on our desk which can cause muscle fatigue all over our body. Here are simple stretches and exercises for neck, chest, upper and lower body to help reduce muscle fatigue and pain. 

Core Strengthening

Yoga exercises for core

Strong core can help with stability and balance and is essential for almost any activity. Upward and downward dog and other Yoga poses can strengthen your Abs and lumbar extensors and lower back muscles. 

Exercises for Abs strengthening

Strengthen your glory "abs" muscles with these simple 5 exercises. This will help you improve your core and balance. 

Exercises for core strengthening

Here are few balancing exercises for strong and tight core. 

Legs and Lower Body

Leg and lower body

Knee Exercises

Knee Pain is one of the most common injury that we treat. Any activity puts pressure on your knees, which can trigger knee pain. Here are simple knee exercises that can relieve knee pain. 

Lower back exercises

Lower Back tightness can cause back injury and pain if left untreated. Here are 3 easy stretches for lower back to loosen and relax your lower back muscle. 

Yoga exercises for lower body

Quads and Hamstrings are your large lower body muscles. Strengthen these muscles with few Yoga poses like mountain pose, Warrior pose, Triangle pose, and Goddess pose. Having strong quads and hamstrings can help prevent lots of lower body injuries. 

Exercises for Pregnant Females

Exercises fo Pregnant females

Kegel Exercises for Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor muscles are located in Pelvis between your tail bone and pubic bone muscles. and Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscle can weaken during pregnancy and child birth in female. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises which are simple contract and relax exercises for your pelvic floor muscles. 

Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Yoga during pregnancy can help you relax, stay fit and can also help with labor. Here are few prenatal yoga poses that can be safely done during pregnancy. 

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