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Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is a form of physical therapy that focuses on restoring an athlete's function, mobility, and strength after an injury. The goal of sports rehabilitation is to help athletes return to their previous level of physical activity as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports rehabilitation typically begins with an initial evaluation by a physical therapist at our clinic, who will assess the injury, range of motion, strength, and overall physical condition. Based on this evaluation, a personalized treatment plan will be created that may include a combination of exercises, manual therapy, and other modalities such as heat or ice therapy, electrical stimulation, or ultrasound.

Sport Exercise

The specific exercises and modalities used in sports rehabilitation will depend on the injury and individual needs. For example, an athlete recovering from a knee injury may perform exercises to improve their range of motion, strengthen the muscles around the knee, and improve their balance and coordination. They may also receive manual therapy to reduce pain and improve joint mobility.

Throughout the rehabilitation process we will carefully monitor the progress and the treatment plan will be adjusted as needed to ensure the best possible outcome. Our  ultimate goal is to help the patient regain their strength, function, and mobility so they can return to their sport safely and confidently.

If you have any concerns or questions about starting sports rehabilitation, give us a call at 408-809-0115 or email us at We can provide guidance on when to start and what exercises are safe and appropriate based on your individual needs and the type of surgery you underwent.

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