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Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Cartoon hands hurting with red bubble around the finger tips.

Arthritis & Chronic Pain can make it difficult to do your daily tasks. Our Physical Therapy can help find relief from chronic pain without opioids or pain killers.

How can Velocity Physical Therapy help?

Arthritis can lead to stiffness and reduced range of motion in joints. 

We focus on Joint Mobility and Range of Motion exercises.

Our Physical therapists use exercises and stretches to improve joint mobility and flexibility, allowing for smoother and more comfortable movement.

Elderly person holding their
Did you know?

Physical therapy can improve your ability to bend and straighten a joint.

Even incremental improvements in a joint's range of motion can make a significant difference in joint function.


For example, getting an arthritic knee to bend just 10 more may allow you to comfortably

get in and out of low chairs

What is

Chronic pain is defined as persistent pain that lasts for more than three to six months. It can result from various underlying conditions, including arthritis, but can also occur due to injuries, nerve damage, or other health issues.

Chronic pain is often complex and can affect physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Don't remain in pain. Schedule an appointment and lets get you back to the things you love. 

What You Can Expect


Heat or Ice Pack Therapy

Heat increases blood flow, promoting the relaxation of muscles and easing tension, making it an excellent choice for relieving tightness.

Ice therapy helps constrict blood vessels and decrease blood flow to the affected area, reducing inflammation and swelling – a crucial element in the early stages of injury.


Pain Relief Electric

Pain relief electric stimulation, often referred to as electrical stimulation therapy or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), is a medical and therapeutic technique that uses electrical impulses to alleviate pain and promote healing.

Therapeutic ultrasound uses heat and energy to increase circulation, decrease pain, increase flexibility, and speed healing

Therapeutic ultrasound uses heat and energy to increase circulation, decrease pain, increase flexibility, and speed healing


Massage therapy after surgery can accelerate the recovery process by promoting healing, preventing complications, and regaining function sooner.

Our skilled therapists employ hands-on techniques to pinpoint and alleviate specific areas of pain and discomfort, providing immediate relief and promoting a faster recovery.



Uses high-frequency sound waves to treat various musculoskeletal conditions and promote tissue healing.

Ultrasound therapy stimulates tissue repair and accelerates the natural healing process. By promoting blood flow and collagen production, it enhances the body's ability to recover from injuries and surgeries.

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