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Elderly man lifting dumbell weight in one hand. Physical therapist guiding his shoulder, making sure his form is correct.

Geriatric Physical

Cartoon style image of elderly person walking with walker

Geriatric therapy is designed to improve the mobility, strength, balance, and overall physical well-being of elderly individuals. It plays a crucial role in helping older adults maintain their independence and quality of life as they age

How Can

Elderly man lifting both arms with physical therapist correcting his posture.

Improved Mobility 

Pain Reduction

Fall Prevention 

Increased Independence 

Enhanced Quality of Life

Decreased Risk of Injury 

Benefits of Geriatric Therapy

Shows elderly person holding onto a walker with person holding their arms.

Did you know?

Around 3 million adults aged 65 and older are treated in emergency

departments for unintentional fall injuries yearly

What Can I
Expect During 

Physical therapist stretching patients arm while laying down.

Range of Motion Exercises

  • Neck rotations and stretches.

  • Shoulder circles and stretches.

  • Ankle circles and toe stretches.

  • Gentle wrist and finger stretches.

  • Hip flexor and hamstring stretches

Balance and Stability Exercises

  • Single-leg stands (with support if needed).

  • Heel-to-toe walking in a straight line.

  • Standing on one foot while holding onto a stable surface.

  • Tai Chi or yoga exercises that emphasize balance

Flexibility and Stretching

  • Gentle stretching routines to improve flexibility in major muscle groups.

  • Yoga or Pilates-based exercises that focus on flexibility.

  • Deep breathing and relaxation exercises to reduce muscle tension.

Patient strecthing one leg with bands. Physical therapist supporting the leg.
Person holding onto walker trying to walk.

Strength Training Exercises

  • Leg raises while sitting or lying down to strengthen leg muscles.

  • Seated leg presses with resistance bands.

  • Wall push-ups to build upper body strength.

  • Chair squats to work on lower body strength.

  • Arm curls using light weights or resistance bands.

Elderly man lifting dumbells in both hands.
Elderly man being evaluated by physical therapist. Physical therapist squeezing patients shoulder.

Did you know?

Velocity Physical Therapy accepts Medicare. 


We understand the difficulties caregivers encounter our friendly staff can help answer any questions you or your loved one may have and even in booking a same or next day appointment

What You Can Expect 

Cartoon version physical therapist stretching patients leg.

Range of motion

Unlocking a fuller range of motion can alleviate pain and discomfort associated with musculoskeletal issues. Our tailored exercises and therapies aim to minimize pain and enhance your overall comfort.

Regaining and expanding your range of motion directly translates to improved functionality in daily activities.

Cartoon image person with hurt knee

Fall PRevention

Our tailored exercises focus on improving strength, balance, and coordination, allowing you to move with confidence and ease.

Our experienced physical therapists create customized plans to address your specific needs, ensuring a targeted approach to fall prevention.

Cartoon image of person walking

Balance and gait

Mastering balance significantly reduces the risk of falls, promoting a safer and more confident daily life. Our tailored programs focus on strengthening core muscles and refining coordination to enhance overall stability.

Cartoon style chair

Chair Exercises

Many physical therapy patients face challenges related to posture. Chair exercises target core muscles, helping to enhance posture and alleviate discomfort associated with poor alignment.

Chair exercises provide a low-impact solution, reducing stress on joints while promoting gradual strength building. This makes them ideal for individuals with arthritis, joint pain, or limited mobility.

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